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From El Paso Texas, DJ and Producer, AFTRFX, is always pushing himself to achieve more success in his music career. Looking to perfect his technical abilities and develop his own unique style, AFTRFX draws upon his natural talent and personal passion for music.

In 2020, he had his first single "On Fire" signed to Musata Music. From there he continued in music making a 2nd track "All I Want" with Lennix and featuring Geovani. "All I Want" reached #50 on the Beatport's Bigroom top 100 and has now reached over 20 thousand streams on Spotify alone.

AFTRFX has now accumulated thousands of streams across multiple platforms and has DJed alongside and opened up for multiple other DJs and artists some including Yultron, Black V Neck, and Deorro.

As the music industry and the world of music constantly grows and changes, it can be assured that AFTRFX will always adapt and be ready for anything.

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